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Behind the art: My name is Evgénia, swedish version of my name is Eugén/Eugénia (Prins Eugen Waldemarsudde, so you can remember it).

I am an artist, designer & sculptor, currently based in Sweden and I love to experiment with styles, materials, techniques and subjects. Research into questions of equality, home, love & friendship and quality are at the roots of my art. 


Education & Growing up: Drawing and creating was my way of understanding this world. My parents were restaurateurs and growing up in museums with Baroque art was a big part of my childhood. It led to me being admitted to an art school for gifted children where I studied for 4 years. I continued to study art for 5 more years, graduating as a qualified teacher in classical art and sculpture. Later I had 1,5 year of courses incl. graphic design incl. Adobe Creative programs. 


Life Abroad: 2001-2003 I lived in Pris and Guadeloupe. In 2005 I moved to Sweden where I entered a period of painting sailing maps in old style and then working with BodyArt, becoming an established artist in that gеnrе. In 2011-2014 I won Gold at Sweden's Championship in BodyPainting (Stockholm) and became one of the TOP-3 in the world, with the World Cup Bronze. 

I've also painted on other interesting mediums such as my car, painting lesser known part of Swedish history through classical art. Then wallart etc.


DOGs: In 2018 I began my artistic "dog-period" when I started painting portraits of dogs in regalia. The same year I painted portrait of Brandie, the dog of the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf. Painting is now in the King's private art-collection in the Royal palace.

I got really interested in dogs because I noticed that in the recent years almost everyone has got or adopted one. It's is not surprising for it is a solution for dealing with loneliness & depression that has increased in society. There is so much pressure on the world and day to day life to be "good" at home, at your job, in your relationship, etc. But your dog will never judge you based on any of these things. Dogs love you just the way you are.

That is why I created DalaHund (DalaDog)

"HUND /dog" is a symbol of unconditional love and genuine friendship.

"DALA" stands for crafts and traditional Swedish krus-painting. Therefore, it became a Dalahund.


Thank you for taking time and getting to know me! :)

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